Purchase advice: Tosh 65H82 vs. Mits WS-65311 (A-65)


Hey guys.....I thank you all in advance for your help on this. I currently have a Toshiba 56H80, but it is a "lemon". I bought it through Best Buy, so now I have a hefty in-store credit. I'm going to upgrade to a 65 inch screen, however there are only two options available through them: the 65H82 and this "re-branded" Mistubishi model. I did some further research, and all I know is this WS-A65 is most likely a 65311 I believe....the Gold Series model.

I need your honest opinion as to which set gives the better overall picture, and has the best integrity. Right now, I'm torn between the two....I really can't decide. Thanks again for all of your input.


Read Stereophile's Guide to Home Theater..This month it does a review of the Hitachi 65"...Absoltely a terrific TV...2 months ago i purchased the 57" model...extremely happy with it...

The Toshiba is definitly sharper. The Mits definitly has better color and the sharpness is good, not distracting. I had a chance to be floored 3 days ago. I had a chance to see the Center Stage scaler and it was great. For $1000 it made DVDs appear close to HD quality. It is better than any internal line doubler or Progressive scan DVD player I have seen. It upconverts to 1080i, 720p and many other formats and works on just about any source not already HD. The reason I mention this is because it will work with the Toshiba's DVI input but the Mits doesn't have DVI. Good Luck

Dave Henderson
From what I understand, the WS-A65 from Best Buy is almost a 65311. It lacks the color-tuned diamond shield and lacks one of the color controlling features in the menu. I could be wrong, but I believe that is what a Mitsu training taught me last August.

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