What is 100hz digital scan/progressive scan tv?


Hi kindness Fellows,

i have a dvd player that equipped with progressive scan and my tv also have a "dvd progressive ready" with 3D/YC Digital Comb Filter. What does it mean and can i get a good result for picture by having this tv with my dvd?

please let me know.


The comb filter and the progressive scan have nothing to do with each other. The comb filter separates the chrominace(color) from the luminance(light or B&W) wich is necessary for a tv to display an image. A 3D comb filter one of the better comb filters only being bested by a motion adaptive 3D comb filter. Y/C is just what is being filtered(Y is the sybol for luminance and C the symbol for chrominance). Component video cable bypass the comb filter because it carries these signals separately. Progressive scan shows all 480(from DVD)of the lines on the screen every scan instead of alternating between the odd and even scan lines.

What is needed for your tv to display progressive scan?

It has to be an HDTV or EDTV set. You can't make an older tv progressive scan, if that's your question.

I own a 75HZ progressive scan Rear television.

Is this better than the 100HZ interlaced scan+60hz progressive scan RPTVs available in the market

I also own a progressive scan DVD player. If i connect it to my 75hz progressive scan RPTV, how does it make it any better ? Would an ordinary DVD player give me same results

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