First HDTV, what cables to buy?


Hi, I am purchasing either Hitachi 53FDX20B
53" HDTV Monitor or Mitsubishi WS-55311
55" Gold Series tv. Any suggestions on which one to buy? Both around the same price $1800.
However, my main question is what should I make sure I buy with it? types of Monster Cables, antennae, surge protector,etc. I will be hooking it up to my cox digital cable servicein CT.Also, I was talking to a salesman that told me I should buy a some kind of filter for the cable from the wall? Not sure what that is, newbie here. Great forum, thanks alot.

I have the 43" Hitachi model and am very please with it. Excellent picture and plenty of features, that's the tv I would recommend. I use the monster cables but if you don't want to pay the high price for mosters other brands like Acoustic Research (AR) are half the price and probably just as good. A surge protector is a MUST. Most surge protectors for home theater have a noise filter and you can also hook the cable coax cords into it for surege protection there and filtering. That's the only thing the salesman may be referring to that I can think of. Hope that helped!

Got the 57" Hitatchi swx20b, very sweet..though i have a friend who recommended having it tweaked..and while the picture was good from the factory, the picture now is incredible after the calibration...

If you can wait about 2 months the early buzz on the next Mits models is that they are hot.

As far as the surge protector goes, Monster Cable makes some very highly rated power centers that have noise filters of varying degree. The better ones can make more of a difference than stepping up to a higher priced TV and audio reciever(remember since everything plugs into it everything benefits) depending on how bad the power is in your neighborhood. If you regularly notice that the TV will get static from time to time and you thought it was just a weak cable signal or if you notice lights dim or surge from time to time then you should probably invest in a better power center ($400-700) if it only happens occasionally then then a lower model ($150-$350). If you never noticed then you aren't looking hard enough or probably just don't care. In that case get a $100 or so model to protect your investment.

If you are ultra picky about picture quality then Monster has the $1500 and $1300 choice for you. You will need both to get full benefit but if you are going to get one start with the $1300 model as it makes a bigger difference.

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