Lost in phoenix


lost in phoenix
Help! I'm looking to buy a 55"-65" RPTV and need some advice. I would say 90% of my time watching TV is that of ESPN, CNN, MLB Extra Innings Package, Local News, all through Direct TV. I am not a big viewer of DVD's or games.

I understand most TV's are HD Ready which is fine but again most of the channels I watch don't get it anyway (I understand about the local news through rabbit ears but that's another issue).

Can anyone point me in the right direction for the BEST quality RPTV in the DIGITAL channels. I'm looking to spend $3-$4K base.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide!

When do you want to have your TV by? If you want to get it soon then the WS65411 and the HD box from DirecTV

You can get it all installed within you price range. ESPN is talking about HD soon plus all the major events should be available in HD in your area plus sports on HBO and Showtime will be HD sometimes.

lost in phoenix

Thanks for your reply. By doing a little more research I have found the Pioneer's offer the best quality RPTV for satellite channels. I know it's a few extra $$'s but is it worth it?

Specifically, I'm looking at the Pioneer 643HD5. Any thoughts on this model for non-HD satellite channels?

Sorry, haven't seen it though Pioneer does have a good reputation.

I'm not familiar with the Pioneer 643HD5, but we sell the Pioneer Pro 630HD (Ultimate Electronics, 8 in Phoenix area, I'm in Mesa) and it does have a fantastic picture. I think it does about the best job in stretching a 4:3 image.

However, I think that the Mitsubishi Diamond (55", 65" and 73") has an equally superb picture, plus you get a tuner, which unfortunately won't help you with your DirecTV.

Both TVs should be on display in all of our stores, and you may want to talk to a few different salesmen, since you will probably get a variety of opinions.

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