WS 65411 ***VS*** WS 65611


I'm having a difficult time deciding which HDTV I should buy.

I have decided on a Mitsubishi brand.

I first went to their website and read the specs of the 65411. I loved the specs and was almost decided.

Until I found out through research that it lacked a firewire port that was necessary to record in HDTV quality with one of those HDTV VCR's.

I went to Brandsmart and saw the 65411 next to the 65511 and the 65511's image quality looked much better.

I don't understand it. The 511 doesn't even have quad field focus. The 511 has the same image quality features as the 311 and looks the same as it too.

The 411 looks like the 611 and shares the same image quality features.

Why did the 511's image quality look so much better than the *supposedly* superior 411?

The salesman in the store told me that the 511 has bigger and better CRT's but nothing of the like is found at Mitsubishi's website.

And I tend to believe Mitsubishi more than the salesman.

The only thing I can figure is that the 511's internal decoder is much better than the satelite reciver box being used to decode by the 411.

These tv's were both displaying an HDTV land based signal.

I wish I could've compared both sets getting similar DirecTV signals with the exact same decoder, hughes for example. Had I seen that and the 511's image quality been better, i'd be completely convinced.

But I don't know. I'm don't want to pay 600 dollars for an internal box, firewire connection and other little cute features. The 411 has all the features I want, what would really bother me if it's of inferior image quality.

If the WS 65411 does indeed have identical image quality to the WS 65611, then i'm gonna buy the 411 which is at least 600 cheaper.

But if the 411 is worse in image quality than the 511 and much worse than the 611, i'm gonna have to go for the more expensive set.

Btw, anyone who has compared them or knows what they're talking about, please help me out.

Here are the specs from Mitsubishi's page of the 411, 511 and 611.

What could have been happening is that the 411 was getting a store feed split after processing to all the HDTVs and the 511 may have decoded the signal itself. Also most stores use basic cables to feed the TVs where internal decoding bypasses the need for quality cables after decoding. Furthermore they may have had different image settings. The difference between the 411 and the 611 is negligible. The 511 and 311(under equivalent conditions) are worse but not much.
That being said I would buy the 411 for myself because the enhanced color controlls missing from the integrated models are important to me.

After further research, I realized what happened.

The 511 has much better CRT's than the 411 and 311.

But the 511 doesn't have Quad Field Focus. The 611 and 711 does.

Still the picture of the 511 is much better than that of the 411 and 311.

I've decided to buy the 511 because I can get it for 2,800 from a local store.

The 611 I can get online for 3000 but I don't trust buying a tv online.

What if something goes wrong? How in the hell am I gonna mail the set back? Too many hassles.

The only place in Miami(where I live) that carries the 611 is Sound Advice. And they have to special order it so the cheapest they'll give it to me for is 3,600 and that's after tough negotiating.

I'm just gonna settle for the 511. I saw it in the store with my own eyes and the picture was much better than the 411's.

Also it does have an integrated tuner and firewire port which is great in my opinion.

Thanks to all who responded.

The CRTs on the 311,411 and 511 are the same according to the Mits rep in my area and that info has been maintained for a year. The spec sheet indicates maybe a slight difference but I think it's wordplay as they do not explain the difference. The 411 also has Quad field focus. The 511 is a very good TV and many people love the Net Command function. It will take a little getting used to but give it time. Enjoy and good luck.

Miguel, I don't think it's word play. The 511, 611 and 711 have the same CRT's.

The 311 and 411 have the same one's.

The Gold series has different CRT's than the Platinum and Diamond series.

It makes sense.

Also, just by looking at the picture quality of the two sets, you can see a huge difference. It's not a difference that I wanted to see, it's a difference that was obvious and I had to see.

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