Some questions about a Samsung HDTV


Don Smith
I'm thinking of buying a Samsung 32" HDTV #TXM3281HF, and I have some questions.

Do I need a special reciever and/or special "digital" cable to get an HD picture on my television? If not, will analog look okay on it? I currently have standard, expanded basic cable.

I'll be playing a lot of X Box games on it. Will they look better than on my four year old 27" JVC regular TV? And just what does that HD number on the back of the various games that support HD means in relation to my potential new TV that says "1080i" on it?

And lastly, I watch all my DVD's with the X Box. Will it suffice? Or would I be better off with my old JVC?

The cost of the TV is $800 (about what I can afford right now), it's a display model at Costco, and they say they are very liberal with returns. If I don't like it, they'll give me my money back, for up to three years.

The picture at the store, which was showing some HD Discovery channel thing, was better than all the Toshiba and Sony and JVC standard 32" flat screen TV's I spent the day comparing, so I'm thinking it might be the one to go with.

What do you all think?

Any answers, advise, or both would be greatly appreciated.

I am also looking at that TV from Costco. That is a Great TV. If its in your price range get it. I am trying to decide between that and the Toshiba 36 HD. I too will use my Xbox. You will want to use the Xbox High Definition connector to get a component input and it will look terrific. You will need a HD receiver if you want to receive HD signials via cable and it will cost you about 300-400 bucks. But for now you'll be fine. Good Luck


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