WSA-55 Help


If anybody can help me it would REALLY, REALLY be appreciated!

I recently bought a WS-A55 model from BB. Yeah, I know Mits sells a comparable model to other retailors with a little more features but it wasn't a big deal to me.

My problem is the digital picuture. Per Hughes' instruction, I have the satellite routing to Input-2 to watch my digital pics and DTV mode for HD. First, is this correct?

Again, my biggest problem is with the digital picture. Still fuzzy. Not good. I have S cables routing into this input but it doesn't seem to help (component cables into DTV).

I'm about to return this. If anyone can recommend some instructions to fix it would REALLY be appreciated.

Or, can anyone recommend the best HDTV for digital? HD is not that important to me.


Through DirecTV you are only getting about 5 HDTV channels. 2 HBO, 2 Showtime and HD Net. The rest are upconverted standard definition channels and will not be nearly as sharp. To get HDTV at all you have to run the component video cables from the DirecTV reciever to the DTV inputs and that is all for the picture (no s-vid needed) and RCA audio cables for sound. Hopefully you are using good quality component cables like Monster Cable, this will make a difference.
If you have local HDTV broadcast you can get it using a UHF antenna and the DirecTV box through the same cables.

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