Check switch problem with dish network


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Is anyone having "check switch" problems with their dish network receiver?

I have fortec lifetime ultra receiver and a dishnetwork DVR-625 receiver. Im using the same satellite input for both receivers. If I want to use the FLU receiver, I just unplug from the dishnetwork and plug into the FTU. When i switch back the the dishnetwork receiver, I'm getting a check switch error. Is anyone else having this problem or can anyone tell my why this is happening? I've already had dish network replace one receiver. Now my new one is having the same problem.


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Maybe is better to check if your receivers have a "IF output" on the back if that is the case what you have to do is just plug the cable from the switch into "IF Input" of the receiver that has that output and plug a cable from the "IF Output" of that receiver to "IF Input" at the second receiver in a kind of daisy chain....

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Or u can us a dp switch, when u hook up your echostar rec,it wants to go through a series of protocall before it works.Better to leave installed and use a switch.

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chad...go to menu and do a check switch test (somewhere in installation i think) when u do that it should work fine i had the same problem like this before as well so just go into settings and in the installation u wil find it (i think u gotta go into menu and press 6 1 1 and it will get u to it i hope so lol)
good luck

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I've tried running the check switch test several times (611) and even reset factory setting. I can only get it to pass the test if i unplug input 2 from the dishnetwork receiver, but then my signal strength drops to 0. I have another dishnetwork receiver that i can hook up to the same inputs and it works fine so its not the input going into the receiver. I'm not sure what the check switch does but apparently my fta receiver is messing it up. What is dp switch that satscanner referred to... can someone explain that?

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had that happen to me once .
it was trying to upgrade software and I did'nt know it and unplugged it corupting the flash. . power off the receiver but leave it plugged in
and see if it trys to upgrade. It will power on by itself for a few minutes then reboot. if it does then you should be able to checkswitch. could be it but who knows..

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I've tried powering off with the on/off button and by unplugging. Then doing a check switch test. Neither seemed to work.

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