The best widescreen T.V. I can get for $3500


Greg Beebe
I am a T.V. novice. My wife and I are about to have a child and want to get a big screen T.V. as a last gift to ourselves. I have read so much stuff about all of these HDTV's that I keep coming back to ground zero. I play a little PS2 but, most of our time in front of the T.V. will be for movies and cable. We have allocated $3500 for a T.V. and would love to hear some suggestions for what we should get. Should I get rear projection or LCD? Which specific T.V. is the best? I am planning to get a surround sound system as well so please include sound connections in your recommendations. Thank you all so much for your help.

newbie owner
The Hitachi 57" is a great rptv for less then 3k, plenty of connections...HD ready, plenty of connections for your needs

Greg Beebe

Have a look at for TV specs.

I personally like the pictures of some of the more expensive silver Sony: Nice low color temperature, pure colors, good contrast and resolution. The brightness falls off to the sides though.

Hitachi, Toshiba have caught up to Mitsubishi and for less money. Though the Pioneers look fantactic they are a little overprices especially with Toshiba's new LCOS coming down the pike.

Panasonic and even RCA make some great under $2000 sets.

Again, view the Sonys with some HiDef material and set it up in the menus. Take your time, $3500 will get you an excellent set.

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