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I'm looking for a new dvd player to go with my new PTH5498 HD-Ready tv. I have checked into the Panasonics that Robert has suggested, they must be good, can't find the RP82 anywhere. The RP62s that I have found are all out of box deals, don't want that. I heard mention of a RP85 coming soon, when??? should I expect it with the next episode of Star Wars??? My question, if you will forgive my long windedness is.... Are there any other dvd players that the two of you would recomend...without the chroma bug of scan also. Sorry for being so jumbled. This is my first time. Thanks guys!

I am not sure what you are looking for. I have a Philips 724S. It was the cheapest Progressive Scan DVD player (at the time) with 2:3 pulldown. I paid $129 for it but see it for $99 all the time. I chose it based upon a bunch of Sound and Vision Magazine reviews over the past year. The Philips were reviewing well with good bandwidth.

If not the Philips, I would have chosen a Panasonic. Go to They have a VERY comprehensive review of a bunch of DVD players. I personally do not believe in spending a ton of money on equipment and assuming that it will be better. I need numbers not subjective opinion. Choose your Panasonic for its features. They make good video equipment. Their Laserdisc players were actually better than Pioneer's a few years back for less money and their parent company practicaly invented the 1 bit conversion process.

P.S. I also use an ATI All-in-Wonder Radeon 8500DV on a HTPC and except for a slight geometry problem with the ATI, I can not tell them apart. The ATI is connected to the SVGA input of my Proscan and the Philips is connected to the Progressive Scan Component input. I have two Avia DVDs. ATIs player is slightly better than PowerDVD 4.0. One thing is for sure; as sharp as DVDs look, they cannot push the limits of these two inputs (I also have the HDTV Component adapter for the ATI). If I move the mouse from my keyboard, this razor-sharp mouse pointer appears on my screen and the DVD picture looks very soft my comparison.

Hope (all of this) helps.

Thanks Derek,

I'm not sure what I'm looking for either!?! I just want something that will give me a great picture and has some usable features for someone inexperienced as myself. Thanks again for your input.

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