Mits WS-B55/Net Command/Picture Quality-Help!


Need some advice. I recently purchased a MITS WS-B55 from Best Buy for $2600 here in Phoenix. I was told the system had a built in HD receiver. When the Direct TV guy came out to install it I found out that was not correct. Boy was I mad! The reason I purchased this unit instead of the A55 was for the built in receiver (it does have as tuner).

One thing it does have is the Net Command. Does anyone have any experience with this? It's nice but I simply don't need all the bells and whistles.

Finally, the picture. It's blurry when watching normal channels through the satellite. I'm not expecting a DVD pic but things have to get better. My 27" TV has a much better pic through the satellite. Should it be about the same?

I'm going to return this unit unless I hear otherwise. If anybody is in Phoenix can you recommend a good dealer and a model in the 55"-65" range? The most important thing is to watch TV through satellite-not DVD's or HD.

I need help! THANKS!!

When you watch an inferior signal like satellite on a big HDTV like that its gonna look crappy. Are you using s-video out from your satellite receiver? That'll help some. Your 27 inch is much smaller and does not have the resolution to show artifacts like you see now on the big one. From looking at the specs, it appears that your TV should do a pretty good job of upconverting signals to 480p and cleaning up the image somewhat. I know Mitsubishi is a good brand and unless there's some problem with the TV, this is gonna be as good as regular TV looks at that size. If you really want to watch regular satellite, you might consider buying a smaller direct-view HD set. Myself, if I were shopping for an HDTV, I'd get a smaller one. If you ask me, even DVDs are fuzzy on a 45+ screen. Also, I'm not sure why you're mad about the "no receiver" thing; your TV gets broadcast HDTV signals, what did you expect?

A zipped Acrobat Reader maunal for Netcommand including your model can be found here If you already own the manual, sorry, I can't help you as I know nothing about netcommand.

If you told the salesman that you were using Direct TV, then you should take it back. The built-in receiver will only work for cable HDTV, not for a dish.

All Netcommand TVs from Mitsubishi have integrated HD tuners for local over the air broadcast. You will be able to get HD with a local $10 antenna or better yet a rooftop antenna as long as it is being broadcast in your area. Don't trust a satalite or cable installer to know about the TVs capabilites. If you don't care about the netcommand system you wold be better off getting an HD upgradeable Mitsubishi and make sure that the DirecTV box is an HD version (about $500-$800). The separate DirectTV box will allow both satalite and local HD reception when you connect the local antenna to it. If they sold you a non HD DirecTV box swap it for the Hughes HD box if they have it. You also have to be using component video cable to get the better picture. If you are watching TV on channel 3 and not the HD input then the installer didn't know what he was doing. I have seen some uneducated salespeople not inform their customers of this fact. If you have any questions about setup you can post or e-mail. Good Luck.

Thanks for everybody's replies...

Stephen, I am "mad" because the salesperson informed me that it did indeed have a built-in HD receiver capable of receiving DTV. I only bought two receivers (one for the bedroom/one for the home office) because of this. Net Command isn't worth it in my estimation right now. Mits basically admitted that is has a long way to go to me.

Anoym, I bought the satellite capable of receiving HDTV which was a little bit extra. So, yes, the salesman did know about this!

Miguel, I'm a little confused about watching the TV on ch 3. It's set for channel 4 right now. What do you mean by HD input? I can't even get it! Finally, if I do swap it out and buy a separate HD receiver is Hughes the best kind to buy?

Again, thanks for everybody's help. If you have any further input that would be appreciated!


One more question I forgot to ask about your reply.

Sorry to be a newbie at this but what do you mean by component video cable to get the better pic?


Component video cables are 3 cables used to transmit a video signal from a source to a display. The red, blue and green color coded cable separate the color from the b&w information and forthermore each color individually. It is the only way to transfer High Definition from some HD boxes to the TV. It is also used for better picture from dvd and the only way to get a progressive scan picture from a dvd. Progrssive scan puts twice as many lines on the picture every individual frame. In addition to the component video cable you still need the audio cables making 5 cables all together. On the back of your tv you will see over to the right a red, blue, green, and white,red input. Above it it says DTV input. This is your HD input and if it isn't connected you won't be getting HD through sat. If you are watching you satelite on channel 3 or 4 then you are getting all of that audio/video signal through 1 Coax cable. You are not getting HD but a downconverted hd channel. Also you are only getting about 5-6 HD channels through DirecTV including HBO and Showtime. Over to the left you should have a regular coax connection that is labled ANT-DVT. If you connect a regular antenna to this you will recieve local HD without your HD reciever but if you exchange your TV for the less expensive WS55411 you will get a better picture and you will get both sat and local HD through your HD reciever. I don't know if the hughes is better but I've heard no complaints and Hughes is the primary source of sat boxes. Good luck

Sorry it is labled ANT-DTV


Thanks for your reply. I went to a store tonight that handed me an excellent brochure from Monster and how to properly configure their cables (something Best Buy did not offer or did not have). So now with that and your help I have a better idea of what to look for.

THANKS again!

I was told by a somewhat knowledgable (at least her sold me) sales person at Best Buy that the technology in the wsB55 was far superior to the technology in the wsa55.
Anyone know the differences? Is the wsb55 worth the extra $700-800?

the ws-b55 does have a HDTV tuner, the ws-a55 does not.

Is a hdtv tuner worth 700 - 800 dollars? Serious question, because I honestly do ot know.

If you are angry with the salesperson...go back and talk with them about returning it. They may make you a deal. True cost on the unit in question...$1540. I just bought the same one for $1700.

By the way...I too am in Phoenix

I just got back from Best Buy, The WS-B55 (which is being phased out) does have the Tuner, but you still need to buy the $59 receiver to pickup HD broadcasts. I had the salesguy set up the receiver and the image did not look good. One thing he mentioned is interference, like Walls, Rebar etc that the Best Buy building was made of..

Wait, the ws-b55 is being phased out or the ws-a55 is being phased out?

ok I have the WS-B55 the picture looks fine. My best buy guy said the same thing "you don't need the box" cable guy said I did. Non the less a box i got. Anyway the digital and regular TV come in fine but not the HDTV. My cable guy seemed a little on the duh side. So Miguel, or anyone I have the red and white lines set up ok with the surround sound reciever and the the TV, but I'm not sure the cable guy has the green, blue and red cables right. Should the be on the left? or one the right side of the TV. PS. I was a little pissed about the box thing to. It's only 5.00 a month but still. I paid more for the tuner too. DUMB me. Anyway it's to big to return. From what I hear I need it for HBO HDTV and such anyway.

I bought a Mitsubishi WS-B55 TV and I need the Manuals for this Model. Does anyone could help me on find the manual on the internet? I already checked the Mitsubishi website and I can't find it. I appreciate any help from any of you all.

I have owned a WS-B55 since February. Here's the scoop: This TV come w/an integrated tuner. To receive HDTV in your area all you need is an antenna from Home Depot/Lowe's/Radio Shack... connect it through a coax cable to the back of the TC where it says ANT-DTV and voila!!! you will receive HDTV signals in your area if: a) you point the antenna in the right direction and b) your city's local stations are broadcasting in HD.

Unless you want to receive satelite HD, you DO NOT NEED a separate box for HDTV. Over the air broadcasting is what the integrated tuner is for...

I hope this answers some of your questions..

great, but that was a month ago..

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