Help with picture in picture- need instruction


I have a 51 inch mitsubishi (I think Diamond...)
The remote has a PIP button and a source button
I can get the PIP box to come up- but it shows the same thing that is on the bigger screen.
Hitting the source button shows ANT-A or VIDEO but the VIDEO option then shows all grey-
How do I get another channel inside the PIP box?
I am STUMPED and frustrated.
I think this model is from 1995-1996' ish.
Can you email me at with a reply please?

I don't know the TV but I suspect you are trying to get another television channel in the PIP. That requires a dual tuner PIP TV. Does your television have that?

Before you consider PIP without a dual tuner useless, it can be used to watch TV and digital cable or Satelite. It can also be used to queue up a DVD or program the VCR while you are watching TV. You have to have these devices connected to your video jacks on the back of the TV for this to work though. If you have something connected, turn it on and a picture will replace the little grey PIP box.

Hope this helps.

ok i hooked the picture-in-picture hookup kit correctly...but now how do i use it?

Press the PinP button on the remote and start changing channels. Usually when the PinP is active, the remote controls the PinP picture and the main screen audio...unless you hit the swap button.

How do you use the picture-in-picture feature when using a digital cable hook-up? When I turn it on and change the channels for the pic-in-pic, it changes the tv channels, not the cable channels. I am using a digital cable box.

Can anyone help?


Try the SWAP or SWAP Audio button.

I have a Zenith picture in picture tv and I also have digital cable. I've hooked everything up per the instructions but still can't get the pip to be anything other than the same channel as the pip. Is is because of the digital cable? Do I need a dvd player or a vcr to complete this connection? Any suggestions? Thank you

My understanding is that digital cable systems use Picture-in-Picture for their interactive menu systems. This occupies the "PIP" tuner in your TV and prevents the image from either being displayed or changed. As someone already mentioned, some newer TV's have "Dual-tuner PIP" for this reason. I have been told that you can solve this by splitting the signal before it enters the cable box using a 2-way splitter. You connect one cable to the TV and one to the box, and connect the box to the TV using s-video. I haven't actually tried it myself.

Scot Sanders
How do I hook up Picture in Picture with a 2 Tuner PIP feature? Do both of the ANT Inputs have a cable coming in from the 3 way splitter?

Standard Cable, without the use of a Digital Decoder Box or Standard Cable Box supplied by your provider, is a multi-source input connection by which your Twain-PIP can split the signal and properly send the signal to each of the tuners supplied by the Twain-PIP Television.

However, If you are using a Digital Decoder box or Standard Decoder box supplied by your content provider, the channel source has already be decifered by the box. Therefore, the PIP cannot make use of the additioal tuner that a Twain-PIP set would claim to offer you.

That leaves you one clear choice. If you've got the decoder box and want to use the PIP on a Twain-PIP set, you'll need to split the source prior to it reaching the cable box. Use the split sources, one for the TV input and the other for an optional input that the second tuner can pick up. Or, even if you've but have a single tuner set, you can still split the signal prior to the cable box and use your VCR as the second tuner for the same optional input. NOTE: Keep in mind that channels recieved by the Cable box not ordinarily recieved without it, will not be available for the PNP on the alternate source.


C Smith
I have a zenith PinP TV and dish satellite. I cannot get the PinP to show anything other than what's on the main screen. How do I solve this issue?

C Smith,

As mentioned in the post above your's, you won't be able to utilize PIP if the signal is being sent solely from your Satellite reciever. Since the reciever is transmitting only a single channel source at one time, you'll need to split the signal prior to arriving at the reciever. From there you'll need to utilize the secondary reciever built into your TV as the PIP or use your VCR as a secondary source as the tuner. In either case any channel not recieved without the Satallite will not be transmitted in the PIP window.

What this probably leaves you is a nice fuzzy picture of some newly fallen snow! Hardly a good use of PIP to say the least. But, you can use an OTA antenna to recieve local broadcasts as PIP if you so choose.

Needless to say, PIP isn't as good a selling point as it would seem; especially in your case. In today's digital environment, PIP is rather useless.


C Smith,

I will add that some newer, higher end Satillite recievers now include two seperate tuners just for that purpose, amoung others like DVR capabilities.

Such models include the Dish Network DishPVR 721 which enables you to pause live TV, record two live programs at the same time and simultaneously display Picture-in-Picture on any television.

If you don't have in your possesion one of these model types that bring more than one tuner to your home, you could possibly upgrade to another model perhaps.


Regarding PIP and digital cable boxes:If you use a splitter at the wall, prior to the digital cable box, and input that to a second video input on the tv, what do you get on that second line? Undecoded fuzz?
Analog cable? Also, with this set up,( if that cable prior to the digital cable box is carrying any unscrambled picture) can you use the tv's own remote for the PIP features?
I have Comcast cable currently and am planning on getting a HDTV set and upgrading to digital cable(HDTV is included-all 8 channels of it. I'm assuming the HD coverage will steadily increase). If I already had digital cable I could easily see whats coming through prior to the digital cable box by bypassing it.

I am far from expert in this area but, I think, if your cable company sends a scrambled signal ( as I believe almost all do), to get pip to work properly you need two cableboxes.

I Love Technology
I have digital cable (Time Warner) and picture in picture. I use a signal splitter and connect one line directly to the tv, and the other to the cable box (which connects to the vcr). Vcr connects to the tv via video input. The tv only gets the analog signals (1-99) unscrambled. For the digital channels I have to switch to the video input (button on the remote).

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