Hitachi (Model #50EX8k) Rear Projection TV HELP!!!!


I need to clear my rear projection TV from dust and any other obstructions within. I just can't seem to find my owner's manual or any possible safe way to remove the front screen. I was told in the past by a technician to periodically clean the inside portion of the screen along with the color bulbs. Can anyone help me with this and if so what would be the safest solution to use on it.

Unless you actually see something, I wouldn't do it. I'm not saying these things are air tight but a small amount of un-noticable dust is not worth the crumbling particle board that might result. If you are really bent on doing it, it's easier to take the back and its mirror off than taking the front off. Once the back is off, the three tubes will be pointed right at you and you can clean the inside of the screen while you are at it.

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