Ghosting on Akai 2791, calibration help


Hi, just found this forum looking for info on my Akai TV, and you guys seem to be real friendly and knowledgeable. My problem is the TV has a clear white "ghost" effect to the right of objucts on the screen. Turning down sharpness has no affect, and its hooked up with component, so I assume from what I've read that this is velocity scan modulation. I need to know how to turn this off. I've gone to the service menu according to the instructions on the previous akai topic and written all the settings down, so now I just need to know what to change. I don't see anything entitled VSM. Any help with this calibration would be appereciated.


'Sounds like the tube or power supply may be going. Usually the ghost streak is red or yellow. Does turning the brightness down reduce the problem? If it does, it's time to buy another TV. If it doesn't, you're right it is SVM. Try

Brightness has no effect. The ghost effect is pretty much white with a greyish shadow and is not obvious most of the time. It is the kind of thing I've seen on lots of TV's, just something I want to get rid of. Obvious on credits especially. Do you know how to fix this SVM?

"SVM" was already turned to 0 in the service menu. If thats not it, what could be the problem? The problem is worse using component that using s-video. I'm gonna give Akai a call today and see what they can tell me. Suggestions still welcome.


Akai tech support doesn't have an answer; they told me to take it to a service center which will not do because (1)it's not broken, it just needs adjustment and(2) I don't want to pay them to do something so minor. I'm begining to wonder it it's the component cable that's the problem. Its a pretty cheap off brand one, $20 for 6 feet. Has anyone ever had ghosting problems like this because of a cheap cable? I think this may be the prob because my s-video doesn't have nearly as much ghosting and its better quality.

Now that you mention it - if it happens with one type of cable and not the other, its can't be the tube. It's possible that the preamp circuitry is bad but you are on the right track by replacing the component cables.

OK, thanks. I'll be replacing them as soon as possible. I'm planning on getting Acoustic Research this time, they're supposed to be pretty good for the price.

Well, I just hooked up the new cables today. I got IXOS 171av component, which are very good quality, and an s-video cable from AR Pro. I am still getting the ghost effect with both cables. Again to a lesser extent with s-video. Anyone have any suggestions at all as to what could be the problem? Its not the DVD player, because the satelite receiver has the same problem, though much less noticable because of the inferior signal. I'm calling Akai up again, but I doubt if they'll be much help.


Akai said that there must be a convergence problem and I should take it to a service center and pay for it out of my own pocket because its 2 months out of warranty....crap.....if I had enough money for a tech to look at it, I wouldn't have bought this tv in the first place. Any of you guys have any info on adjusting convergence? Does the avia disc cover this?

If your Akai is a direct view, convergence doesn't change with input. Projectors do change convergence by input. I assume your TV is not a projector because they all have convergence control.

Is the halo red on one side and blue on the other? If so then it is conevrgence. If it's white or in full color but a vew pixels over, we're back to SVM or simply a design flaw. It may be time to look at a less frunstarting new TV.

It's a 27in diect view. It's not red on one side and blue on the other. I ran a THX optomizer disc on it with the convergence pattern check and it was fine. SVM is set to 0. It's just a white shadow to the right of things on the screen. It is not only white, though; in a bright scene it is most noticable and bright white, but in darker scenes it can be a grayish shadow. Maybe its a design flaw or some option other than SVM that needs to be turned off. Thanks for your help.


Well, I ran the Terminator 2 THX optimizer disc on the thing and as a matter of fact it does have a faint red line to the right side on the crosshatch convergence test pattern. That is with component. When I use s-video, there is no red line. I thought it was strange, but I looked very closely and there was no red line. What could this mean?

Very fortunate to come across this site. I have been sent an slightly used Akai video deck from Australia. Unfortunately when I insert a cassatte, immediately it enters the deck this message come on the lcd. Err.
Please could you please guide me to solve this problem. I have tried a local mechanic who says he cannot identify any any mecahincal fault.

my deck has the following writings on it
SERIAL NUMBER- 69765-01333

Please guide me because I am a bit familair with electronics and I might be able to solve it by myself
Counting on you

HI, not a technical expert, but I had one of these (UK market) with an identical problem. There was a plastic pin sticking out on the right hand side of the tape loading tray, and this had flipped out of its guide rails (happens if you stack hi fi on it, as chassis flexes slightly. Took it to "bloke" who fixed it, said it was a regular problem of that type of machine, showed me how to pop it in again, and charged me £5:00 ($8:00US ish). Good service!
So look for a small black plastic pin sticking out of a mechanism, and two thin black plastic guide rails!

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