Projection- LCD vs DLP vs LCOS


Jay B
what are your thoughts on what type of projection television is the best, LCD, DLP, or LCOS? Any specific models?

Albert Leao
it really depends. I wouldnt consider myself a beginner at tv's, but ill just throw in my 2 cents. Ok, each of these have there strengths and weaknesses.

Pros:Very sharp, crisp high-def picture. supports 720p(sony grand wega). No burn in. Lightweight and slim.

Cons:Very annoying screen door effect if watching within 10feet or closer.

Pros:Smooth,jitter free images. Color depth is amazing. No burn in. Supports 720P(samsung&pan.).

Cons:When watching close to the tv, and your eyes move quickly across the tv screen, you will notice a "rainbow" effect. 95% of people cant notice this, but for the other 5% who do, this set will be unwatchable.

Pros:Capable of ultra-resolution( lcos). Very slim. capable of 720P(philips). Color seperation is flawless.

Cons:Heavy(toshiba=300pounds). MAY become a little unfocused at edge of picture. Has difficulty with dark images. Has difficulty obtaining high contrast ratios.

I hope that i have helped you. I myself am shopping for a set right now. Im stuck between a philips lcos, a sony lcd, and a samsung/panasonic dlp.


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