LCD newbie questions


Jim Triskel
Hi. Couple quick questions, I'm kinda new to LCD/Plasma issues.

1- Does 640x480 display automatically qualify as EDTV supported?

2- I'm planning on getting a 22" LCD but can't decide between Sharp's, Samsung's, & Panasonic's. Anyone know how well the Samsung 22" performs? I noticed it supports HDTV while the others don't. Any opinions appreciated.


the samsung is the only true hdtv in the 22in range. its native is 1280by720 compared to 640by480 of the sharp and panasonic. it is a really good tv best buy i have ever. and at $1600 u cant beat it.

Samsung makes a 24" inch LCD with a horizontal resolution of 1920 or 2048 but it costs $3000. I have seen it at CompUSA. It's so sharp I wouldn't waste it on TV.

Also I have a Philips 109B (Tube) 19" monitor that I paid $179 for at Office Depot. It has the same hotizontal resolution as the Samsung. It easily does over 2000, is much cheaper, is flat but is not a wide screen. I have some true 1920 HDTV sample pictures and they are almost as sharp as the Sharp with slightly better color.

Here's a newer version with built in tuner and speakers. WARNING: it's $8000.

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