Fuzzy text on my Mits WT-46805


I have noticed that text on the screen looks abnormally fuzzy when in a few situations:

-DVD: At the menu
-XBox: Text in general looks fuzzy
-PC: My Pc is hooked up via S-Video and when I play games, I can barely see what the text on the screen.

I have messed with all the settings I can find but nothing.

Is there something else I can do?

This is normal for Standard Definition televisions using S-Video. If your television has VGA, DVI or component inputs, try those. It should be as clear as a computer monitor. I have a 52" Proscan and the difference between S-Video and VGA is like night and day.

The S-Video, though good, has no where near the bandwidth as the three above mentioned connections. S-Video in interlaced, which means you are starting off with only half of the total TV lines being displayed at any given time.

Televisions with built-in line doublers look better but still do not approach true progressive scan inputs live VGA, DVI and progressive component.

Hope this helps.

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