Locals via OTA Digital TV or Satellite-Which Is Better?


In an attempt to dump crappy analog cable for local channels, I'm seeking opinions on the better set-up:

[Preface: My television is a 32" Sony Wega with component and s-video inputs in addition to the usual composite and RF. It is NOT an HDTV monitor, but a nice flatscreen set nonetheless.]

OPTION 1: Get local TV channels via DirecTV satellite connected with S-video. (They've just added my local market.)

OPTION 2: Buy a Samsung SIR-T151 decoder, set the output to 480i--which my Sony supports--and get locals digitally over the air either via S-video or component video. (And yes, all my locals are broadcasting 24/7 in DTV.)

In terms of quality, would there be any difference since they're both digital? I know DirecTV would always be 4:3, whereas some HDTV content at 16:9 would mean black bars on my set. (Not a big deal to me.) Obviously, DTV is free, but I'd have to buy the settop box. DirecTV is $6 a month. Advice?

Otion 2 should be better. I receive local channels on DirecTV and occasionally the picture is worse than my cheap antenna on my balcony. DirecTV also has more compression than DTV. You should also be able t0 control the output aspect ratio on the DTV tuner to fit your TV.

DTV tuners are a little expensive though ($300+).

You could always buy a DTV/DirecTV tuner and do both...

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