Set up disks vs ISF calibration (about to purchase a Tosh 42 or 50 HDTV)


We are about to make our first HDTV purchase. Pretty much know we want the Toshiba H82, but are deciding on size (42 vs 50). I've heard no one regrets going bigger but.....

Anyways, we are planning to purchase the set up disk and do what we can that way. right now a ISF cal is just too expensive for us, maybe in the future. Plus we are just casual users, not really home theater experts..... so will we get pretty good results from the set up disk? Does it matter which one we get (Best buy has one that is not Avia, can't remember the brand though)?

Advice on size? Our room is 24 x 14 and currently the 27" tv we have is 7 -11 feet away from our couch (sectional) and we could possibly move the couch back maybe 12-18".

Thanks, Jen

I beleive that the AVIA is wonderful. After just using the basic adjustments with the user controls the picture is tremendously better.

I did, contrast, brightness, tint, color, and sharpness.

After whatching the whole thing I did the 5 basic video calibrations and OMG! I had a new TV! Note that it gives you a blue filter with the DVD in order to get perfect color tint and color intensity. An absolutely objective method of achieving perfect color! That equals absolutely perfect skin tones as well as other colors!

Then the contrast and bright settings add increased DEPTH to the screen and make shadows deep and textures richer. Be sure to get the blacks as black as possible!

After some hours of tweaking (calibrating has a learning curve) I achieved a mouth watering picture on HDTV with my calibration DVD. It has other tests as well but too many to mention here and some you can only use if you get into the service mode menu.

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