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Ok Im new to all this so my question is if I hookup my DVD to my TV with the red white and yellow cables, what the resolution difference of the yellow cable and a Svideo cable the sales men told me that the yellow is only about 240 line and svideo is like 480 what does all this mean to a novice.

They both have the same black and white resolution (brightness). The S-Video cable has higher color resolution. S-Video will have deeper colors, less noise in colors and less color bleeding. On most televisions S-Video will reduce "dot-crawl". Dot crawl is the little catapillar-like dots you see running around bold text on TV. Look at a news broadcast where there is red text on a white background or try going into your DVD players setup menu. Switch back and forth between S-Video and Composite. That's probably the best way to see the difference.

Hope this helps.

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