Integrated HDTV vs HDTV-Ready


Is the extra expense of an integrated HDTV such as Mitsubishi WS-48511 worth it over an HDTV-Ready set such as a Panasonic PT47WX42? I'm confused.


No. The HDTV technology will far outlive the decoder technology found in these integrated sets. You will find basically three (3) types of HDTV decoding options. If you know, by no uncertain terms, that the technology that is built into your chosen purchase (in relation to the decoder found therein) will be the choice that fits your enviroment, then it COULD be a good buy - but not by much. Often you will find that you'll need decoder options that the new integrated technology found in this set might not be what fits the services that are provided in your area. Or, you may be limiting your options by the fact that you've already spent money on something you didn't realize you couldn't or didn't want to use. So, the question to ask is: Do I plan to recieve my HDTV signals via Satalite? OTA? Cable? Once that question is answered, review the integrated HDTV with that decision already made. It will make the choice of going with this added expense a much easier decision.



Some good reading might be the post that Brian Mitchell placed just a while ago:

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