Poor picture quality with new LCD HDTV


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Hi everyone. New on this site. I just bought a new 32-inch LCD HDTV Magnavox and hooked it up with my apartment's cable service (which is solely analog -- didn't know this when I bought it), so I find out that picture quality is grainy and fuzzy with my new HDTV with analog cable. Is there a way to convert the analog signal to digital with an interface box of some sort? Will doing this even improve the quality of the video or am I required to subscribe to an HD cable service to get a clear picture on the cable station. Please help! Thank you in advance...New to this cool technology!

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No improvement that way. D/A conversion is alredy occurring becuase you have a digital television. Check your cable box for settings. Hopefully it has a 1080i button and a 480i button for example. Try both; see which is better.

Also, what type of interconnect are using ( box to display).

Most HD displays do not display Standard Definition teveision very well BTW.

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Thank you for your kind response, Marc.

Do not really have a box for interconnect right now. My TV is plugged directly into the cable jack in the wall. I noticed that using a smaller screen setting improves the quality even if a little. Happy with the DVD picture quality, but regular stations look awful. I heard from someone who uses this TV that having a cable digital box may help.

Maybe the TV has a built in 1080i vs 480i button. I'll check. Please let me know if you have other advise.

Thank you,


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don't know the model number of your new TV, does it have a built in ATSC (digital) tuner ? If it does check put in your address and see if local over the air digital TV is available from local broadcasters. If you are within 10 to 15 miles from the local broadcast towers, an indoor antenna hooked to the ATSC tuner will give you HDTV on the network channels. They all have some HD content during their evening line-up, although very little HD is available during the day.

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If you have a tv with a digital tuner in it you can recieve local digital channel, some of which broadcast HD. I suggest getting HD satellite or cable to fully experience your television

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Lucky for everyone that i read this. I live in the land of s*hit tv. So i know all about analogue signals. The remedy is use a svhs recorder and a dvd recorder. Screw the analogue cable into the input on the svhs player/recorder then use a svhs lead out to the dvd recorder. Use component leads from the dvd recorder to the lcd tv. Make sure the dvd recorder is set to 16 by 9 480p. Try composite and the super vhs lead from the svhs recorder/player and you will notice a huge difference between the two.

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