2 Newbie Questions


1) From what I read so far I believe that all rear projection TV's and plasmas have a chance for burn in. What I'm wondering is about the lesser 30in+ CRT HD TV's so they also have burn in problems? If so does that mean LCD is the only way to go if you don't want to worry about burn in?

2) That leads into this question. I've seen 2 types of LCD screens. Some are smaller(biggest I've seen is 30in) and seem to be like a computer moniter, ex. Zenith L30W26. The other kind seem to be larger, ex. Zenith D52WLCD. From what I've read LCD's don't have burn in, but does that apply to both kinds? Because the larger ones seem to be under the projection menu at the zenith web site.

As you can see I'm kinda worried about burn in. I'd like to be able to build an HTPC and hook it to my TV as a moniter, but some strategy computer games take along time to play and have menus that could burn in. Thanks.

Image burnin isn't realy a problem for any television except, MAYBE, 3 CRT projectors. Even regular televisions don't burnin.

You would have to have the brightness and contrast WAY up and have the thing running 24 hours a day (as in a store display) for months to cause this type of damage.

As the computer world transitioned from terminals to PCs burnin happened all the time because the monochrome monitors had no shadowmask, used slow phosphors, were turned up and applications were left running 24 hours a day for years. The Lotus 123 collumn and rows used to be burned into PCs and the main menu from some mainframe application would be burned into terminals. That's where screensavers came from.

I wouldn't worry about it. I have a HTPC on a rear projector and have had no problems.


While this doesn't happen often, it can happen in a television. Unlike computer monitors, a TV has little chance to "burn in" simply by the nature of its continuously refreshing picture. It is possible however, that a CNN type of banner will have some small affect on some TV's if left on for extended periods of time. This is found more often in a commercial environment such as Stock Brokerages, News Agencies, Military sites, etc. where constant use over time will eventually burn images such as stock quote banners and the like into the screen.

That said, an LCD screen is the winner as it can repair itself as it cools. It is said that it takes twice as long for recovery as the image was displayed. LCD TV's have replacable Lamps as well that when, over time, will dim and cause loss of picture quality. Plasma's and CRT's are left with any burn-in and can not be remedied. (While again, it shouldn't be much of a problem for the average user.)

Thanks guys. Does that mean that a LCD TV is and LCD TV whether or not it's rear projection or not? Thanks again.

DLPs dont burn in also. whether or not the tiny mirror wears out is another matter. and this is just my opinion...LCDs suck. They give me eye cancer. They are painful to look at. You'd get better picture quality if you just made hand shadows on the wall....but that's just my opinion.

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