JVC TVs any good?


Im about to purchase a 27" or a 32" JVC TV. I read some reviews on JVC and they seem to be pretty good, they're not that exspenive and too crappy. But the sonys are also nice and Samsung. Which TV would be best reconmmended? Any feedback would be nice, Thanks.

The JVCs rate highly with Consumers Reports...

I don't get it.

If you want to save money, look at Philips/Maganvox. Maganvox, Admiral and Quasar share parts with some Panasonics and Panasonics are good televisions. They are sharp and show good blacks. The universal remote codes from these manufactured are also interchangable.

Sony [still] makes the best [tube] televisions. Amongt other things, they have been running lower color temperatures on thier TVs for 20 years. The lower and more correct color temperature makes blue skies blue instead of light purple and grass deep green instead of teal. Most manufacturers run high color temperatue because it looks brighter, giving thier TVs "Punch" in the showroom - have you ever noticed that TVs shown on Television look purple like and old black and white set. That's why. A correctly calibrated television will look the same on TV or off.

Stick with Philips/Magnavox/Admiral/Quasar at the low end and Panasonic and Sony at the high.

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