Newbie help - Looking to buy my first bigscreen


I am finally moving up to a big screen tv and i have just started looking now. Currently i have a Sony 36" Wega xbr and it is a fantastic tv but it is lacking in size. I know sony makes great glass tubes but i dunno of this is the same for their big screens. I was looking at some Mitsubishi and they also looked real nice. Can u guys just break down the top manufactures? btw im lookin to spend about $3000-3500 and hopefully be able to get a 60-65 in tv. thanks guys

Have a good look at Sony's KP-57WV600 and KP-57WV700. They have absolutely stunning pictures though brightness falls off when sitting off-center. The new RCA Scenium HD52W140 picture looks remarkabbly like Sony's and includes a DTV tuner and firewire. Mitsubishi WS-65411 and WS-55511 are similar to the Sony and RCA and $3000 can get you a 65" Toshiba - 65HDX82.

Have a look at this link.

Hope this helps.

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