55" & 57" HDTV Comparisons


First off let me say that I have not purchased an HDTV yet. And I stress yet. Im waiting gor that golden check to arrive via mail from the IRS.

I've known all along that I wanted a 16:9 HDTV screen size between 50" and 60". I've been to Best Buy, Circuit City, Ultimate Electronics, Fry's, Good Guys, and RC Willey. I'd have to say that RC Willey has the best prices, although Fry's probably has the best selection.

I used intenet reviews, consumer reports, manufacturer websites, sales associates comments, and my own ametuer eye balls to assess the various TV makes in my price range, which is up to $3000.00 dollars.

I have it narrowed down to two models: the Mitsubishi WS55511 Platinum series ($2,800, not including all the other add-ins), and the Hitachi 57SWX20B (Unknown price at this time). I think I am going to buy the Hitachi IF it comes in at $400 dollars cheaper than the Mitsubishi.

Any comments?

Have a good look at Sony's KP-57WV600 and KP-57WV700. They have absolutely stunning pictures though brightness falls off when sitting off-center. The new RCA Scenium HD52W140 picture looks remarkabbly like Sony's and includes a DTV tuner and firewire. Mitsubishi WS-65411 and WS-55511 are similar to the Sony and RCA and $3000 can get you a 65" Toshiba - 65HDX82.

Have a look at this link.

Hope this helps.

The WS55511 is now on sale at Home Theatre Store for $1997.

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