Wide screen HDTVs


Jim Comer
I am planning to upgrade to a wide screen HDTV with as many bells and whistles as I can afford. What size is best for a 13*14 foot room? What features should I avoid? What should I look for? Where do I start to get brand/product evaluations.

Check out The Basics of HDTV from the Pioneer web site. It should give you some ideas.

This may help a bit. My eyes are 12 feet from the wall. The tv I was considering, a Hitachi 53UWX10XB, was 29 inches deep. That left me with about 9.5 feet from the scren to my eyes. I walked into the stores with a tape measure and measured it out. To me the 53 was as big as I could go without seeing any pixelization (is that even a word) . To each his own. I would recommedn that same process to anyone. I almost bought a 43 until I measured and viewed it from the proper distance.

Just like Ann, I'm a bit confused, too. I'm narrowing my research to Pioneer/PElite, Mitsu, & Hitachi's 02-03. Retail stores seem to lean towards Mitsus, but one told me that's the only one he does not service being so hard to get parts. New Hitachis seem to be awesome. I found a P Elite PR052OHD for only $2999, but I may not be able to afford food for 2 months. I really need help here. By the way, 53" is my limit.

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