JVC geometry help needed


Matt H.
I have a AV20320 POS jvc t.v. and the screen is on a slant. I need to correct this. Any one know how? Service mode doesn't have an option.

That is going to require a technician. If you are lucky the set has a tilt control inside like a computer monitor to compensate for the Earth magentic poles. The set must be Degaused in its current location before this is done.

If not, the three guns will have to be aligned with test patterns on screen. They are done by rotating about a half dozen rings on the yoke of the picture tube. This is VERY COMPLEX! Do not even attempt this unless you are a trained proffesional. These rings are usually set and glued down at the factory. Touch them and you may as well throw your set into the garbage. You will have Red, Blue and Green fringe around everything on your television and the set will be totally unwatchable. Find a Tech who does a lot of Front projectors.

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