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hi guys, how you can help me with my first post. i currently have a 10 yr old 35 in toshiba tube with s video, i use s video for watching dvd from my computer and also for some websites, my question is when i get a new tv will the s video improve or is s video the same on all tv's. thanks in advance for all replies, you may send responses to or post for the benefit of all. thanks again jjomaski

Some S video inputs are better then others,Toshibas are usually rated excellant on alot of their sets, while some others are rated good or something less.

The TV will be better because it will be newer but S-Video is S-Video.

It all depends on the matrex of the TV really. If it is a better clearer TV then It will look better. But if it is not as good then it will look worse. But Yea S-Video is S-Video, It still transfers the information in the same way it is just how it is projected onto your screen is all that matters.

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