Akia pt5492


big pappa
ihave a pt5492 and i used contrast 14 brightness 46 sharpness 35 color 77 and tint 57 43 and the picture is to dark are those settings for the 5498 because my pt5492 has no warm selection can someone help me with settings that wont cause burn in

TV's vary in settings so best to get an S&V or AVIA disc to find the best settings for your TV.Those settings for the 5498 are for my TV and it could be diffeent on another exact set and having one of those discs to to calibrate those with the patterns are the best way to find YOUR settings.

Best possible area to keep astray from Burn-In is:


Contrast no more than 30%
Brightness no more than 50%
Sharpness no more than 40%

And don't be paranoid over burn-in but the picture WILL look dark with safe settings and should be viewed in a dim lit or dark room.


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