Need Help with cable TV Clarity


Hello, I have a 60" Mitsubishi Projection TV which my cable picture is not very good. I have done everything I can think of to clean up the picture. Can someone direct me to a good site (If not this one) for some suggestions on how else to resolve this problem. Any help is appreciated.


Not to sound over-simplistic, but...I'd probably start with the Cable Co. first. Have them read your signals and see if they can't boost it for you. If you've installed your own spliters and cabling to other TV's in your house, they'll be able to help track down a possible culprit. Normally the splitters you purchase yourself at Radio Shack are crap splitters. Cable Co.'s often just give you the better cables and splitters with the cost of the service fee.

I've had to have them put an amp on my setup after they found a weak signal coming from the pole. There's no better place to start then at the source first.

Good luck,


Hello Chad. Recently I purchased an Akai flat screen tv. I have a cable box connected to it. The manual, which I can't find, says something about a descrambler for the box. All the channels come in clear except the channels 54-89. The picture will come in partway, the sound does the same. It goes in and out. The whole picture does not come in. It looks like a puzzle that has not been put together all the way. Like it's missing pieces of the picture and sound. Is there something I need to buy (a descrambler) or am I not hooking it up right? Is it the cable or the tv? Please help.

The message for the Akai flat big screen television is for anyone who can help. This is my first request and I noted it to a specific person. PLEASE IGNORE! HELP ANYBODY!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!


Call your cable company. Have them look into the possiblity that the cable decoder box is defective. They'll also be able to help you with cabling, if indeed you need additional cables.

I'd suggest asking them for a digital decoder box and getting rid of analog cable. (You didn't mention what services you're paying for, or if you've already rent a digital cable box. So, I'm just guessing.)

In addition, you may just need to sit down with the manual for your new TV and make sure you've done the "setup" for this TV in conjuction with the cable box & services you're paying for. (i.e. Auto Channel search, OTA vs. Digital Cable, etc.) Once again, the cable company is more than willing to help you get set up correctly.

Good luck,


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