Sony XBR 40 color tinge on edges


Does anyone else have a problem with the Sony large screen TVs showing color blooms on the left and right edges of the screen? They look like the problems associated with placing unshielded magnetic speakers too close, but since there are no speakers placed nearby, the only source I can figure is the internal speakers themselves. Is this problem inherent, or do I have a lemon?

I have the same problem. They replaced my 36xbr400 with a 36xbr450 after two years of not fixing it. The 450 has the same problem. I turn it on and off several times until the degausser kicks in. At that point the fringe is gone, til next time. I'm in the process right now of having them come out the required 3 times to fix it and then they have to replace it (extended warrenty clause), but I'm thinking of kicking in more $$$ and switching to either a mitsubishi diamond or maybe a sony lcd 50". The only problem is, the sony lcd has its own problems from what I read. Not sure what I'm gonna do.

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