Toshiba 42in HDTV picture


Mike Poole
I have a toshiba 42in HDTV, and it works great. The problem I am having I think is more with the cable reception then the TV.

On channels 2 through 11 the picture seems fuzzy and it have a rolling light line on some channels. Channel 5 and 12 can be even worse.

All the otehr channels seem fine for the most part.

The cable company told me it's because of the older lines run through the condo complex i live in.

Is there anything I can do to improve the picture for those channels without screwing up the rest.

Thanks for the help.


Make sure you've focused the TV using its Auto Focus feature(button on front of TV), Make sure all connections are secure. Finally you might try adjusting your TV's sharpness down. I have the same problem with old lines in my area and have found that playing with the picture settings especially the sharpness makes a big difference without hurting reception on other channels.

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