DVI vs. IEEE 1394 (FireWire)


I am about to purchase a RPTV, HDTV ready. I am looking at the Mitsubishi WS48311 or the Toshiba 42HDX82. The Toshiba has DVI and the Mits is upgradable to IEEE 1394(unless I spend $800 more for the model with the tuner). How important is this and which set will serve me best with the direction future HD technology is going?
Also which set will provide the best off angle viewing?(I've heard the Toshiba lacks here) I have a relatively small room so this will be an important factor. Any experience with either of the two sets? Which technology (DVI or FireWire) would be the way to go. I want to make the right purchase. Thanks for your input.

They are both good sets I think.
I have the Toshiba 42hdx82 and its great for me. I chose it due to cable tv display quality because I have std. cable tv, and until there is more HD-that's what needs to look good now, and cable tv really does look good on it.

HD channels, of course look awesome as expected.

It does a great job unpconverting my std dvd player and VHS to 540p but then the Mits probably does this too.

All things being equal I chose what looks best now combined equally with what should look good for later too.

Firewire vs. DVI? I think Dvi will win on TV's but could be along time before we know for sure and there is always a workaround.

It's so hard to buy a HDTV because the stores don't have them set up the way they will look at home using cable, hd box with antenna, satellite, vhs, std dvd.

And after you get one you still got nothing to compare it to, unless you got a friend with the exact tv you didn't buy to do tests on.

I chose based mostly on written specs, and other recommendations due to this and I am not disapointed.

Good Luck

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