Mitsubishi WS-65511


anyone with this model??? if so, please give your opinions. i have done searches on this model, but no reviews. i would like to know the pros and cons of it. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanx!!!

I just bought this model today from The Good Guys. It will be delivered on Saturday. I'll give you a good review of it. I was playing around with it at the store and was pleased at what I saw. It was sitting next to a WS65311" Gold Plus model, recieving the same feed, and the picture was clearer. There was also an $800.00 price difference. The WS65611 Platinum was more. I was please with what I saw in the store, so I got it. I'll let you know what I think after the weekend.

how much did good guys have it for??? i didn't see it at good guys when i went.

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