Brand New Toshiba 50" "Snaps" Off, Then Comes Back On!


I have a new Toshiba 50" Projection, Model 50H72. I bought it in December, and absolutely L O V E it. Problem: Twice this week, while it's been on for a few hours, the TV suddenly turned off, with an audible "snap" or "pop" through the TV's speakers (At least I think that's where the noise came from!). It stayed off for a second or two, then came right back on witout me touching anything.

Any ideas on what this could be??? Very scary, being that it's a month old.

Please help! Thanks! - Matt

Anybody else know what is happening.

I had the same problem this week (50H82) listening to a Movie then Zap.

It sounds like a defect and I would exchange it if it is actually turning off and not just loosing the signal.

I just had a repairman out for the same complaint after owning the unit for less than a month. He said that this is normal (as it states in the owners manual - "occasional popping noise" is to be expected), but it should decrease as the set "breaks in". It should occur less frequently over time. As long as it turns itself back on, this is normal "burn-off" of foreign matter.

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