Rear Projection VGA Resolution higher than 640x480


Is there a rear projection tv that has a higher resolution than 640x480 in the VGA mode? Whats the best tv that I could buy for $3600, no sony's!
Thanks Guys



My old Proscan does 800x600 through the VGA input. Most of the TVs now (that have VGA inputs) can go to 1024x768. Incredably NONE of them will go to 1920x1080i, not even that new 1080p LCOS Toshiba - WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!. If you buy Audio Authority's or RCA's VGA to component video adapter, just about any current TV with Hi-res component will do. They both cost around #129.

ATI makes a DVI to component adapter (I have it and it works) for the 8500 and 9xxx series cards. The 9700 and 9800 series cards come with component in the box.

Hope that helps.

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