What does Virtual HD mean on the Hitachi TV's?


Does it "do" anything better than the regular HDTV's or is it just a marketing ploy. I can't find any info online about it.


VirtualHD Circuitry
Hitachi CRT and lens technologies are fully capable of reproducing HDTV
picture content. Unfortunately, not all programming is in High Definition
today. Hitachi Virtual HD circuitry digitally upconverts conventional
sources to a much higher quality level - one nearing that of HDTV. It
increases both horizontal and vertical resolution, putting significantly
more bits of information on the screen.

Just a fancy way of marketing their line doubler for their sets by giving it a snazzy name so to speak.


actually, increasing horizontal AND vertical resolution makes it a 'scaler'... but Robert's essentially correct. how good of scaler? i dunno.
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