Buying an HDTV - does it have to be a widescreen?


I am interested in buying an HDTV but I personally don't like the widescreen pictures and most of my current TV watching is basic cable TV right now anyways. I was hoping to buy a 4x3 format HDTV ready TV and getting the attachement/antennae in the future when more shows/channels offer it. My main concern is this - will future channels only broadcast 16x9 HD format leaving me with bars on the top and bottom of my 4x3 TV or do you have an option. If so, what is the benefit, if any, of getting a 4x3 format TV that is HDTV ready? Should I just get used to widescreens and purchase one now?

Thanks in advance

You should get a wide screen. Don't get fixated on having to have a projection set. All HDTV and DVD is in widescreen (save an old cheep flick). A 30" wide screen is essentially a stretched 27". On a 4:3 set, widescreen HDTV material will be letterboxed. On a widescreen, 4:3 material can be zoomed or stretched. Zoom is better. It all depends on your preference. I suggest you check out the new samsungs. They have a 27" 4:3 for under $1000 and a 30" widescreen for $1400. They convert NTSC signals to 480p, have a 480p input for progressive DVD and display 1080i when available.

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