Which 65" HDTV? Mitsubishi, Toshiba or Sony


I'm in the market for a 65" HDTV and have narrowed my search down to Mits. 65511, Tosh 65HDX82 & Sony 65WS500. Of these three, what is the order of rank in terms of overall quality (picture included) and service history? Any advice will be welcomed and appreciated immensly.


They are all good choices. Toshiba has an abient light sensor that adjusts your pictures' brightness automatically. Mitsubishi is the only manufacture that will upgrade your television when you are ready. Taking advanatage of the upgrade, you will not have to buy any extra cables to hook-up your hd box; therefore, you will save space. Not only does it come with the tuner, which only decodes your local channels in hd, you will get firewire hook-ups on the back of the tv. However, this upgrade will cost you $1000. Sony is the television that I would chose to buy. It has the DVI (digital visual interface) on the back of the tv as an input. The Samsung and Sony HD boxes use this connection to hook-up the video. It sends an uncompressed signal that is truly digital, unlike component video. In addition, Sony has Digital Reality Creation, which is Sony's line doubler that scans vertical and then horizontal lines. Most tv's only scan horizontal lines with their line doublers. Ultimataly, Sony is the best buy for the best picture and most advanced.

Please tell me more about toshiba 65" hdtv.Does it fade after 3Yrs of use?

I just purchased a ne Mitsubishi 65" HDCOMP/Gold/QuadFocus at Circuit City for $2290.00 to replace my aging 1988 50" Mitsubishi projection TV. The old one does not owe me anything after all these years of service. I hope the new one will be as reliable as the old one.

should have bought the 65" Hitachi

I have Mitsubishi 65" HDCOMP/Gold/QuadFocus and I belive that's the best. I did lots of research before buying and Finally got "Mitsubishi 65" HDCOMP/Gold/QuadFocus ".


I would avoid the Toshiba, not because of the features, but because of their customer service policies. I had an 50HDX82 for 6 weeks when the picture went berserk. Lost all convergence. The TV has now been unusable for 9 weeks. It has taken 3 unsuccessful service visits, time lost from work, and ultimately the involvement of the local Consumer Protection Agency to get Toshiba to agree to exchange this defective set (the exchange process will take an additional 2 weeks). I would never buy another Toshiba product again based on their customer service policies which are horrendous.

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