Should I buy an HDMI DVD player?


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I just bought a Sony 50WE655 LCD and now need a decent DVD player. I don't want to spend a ton a cash on one but don't want to be missing out on anything either. Do I want one with HDMI capabilities and if so what's a good one for a couple hundred buck?

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Great question. My dad just got one of the new fourth gen. Samsung DLPs. I was thinking of maybe getting him an HDMI DVD player if it does make a difference.

Can anyone give their opinion?


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I bought a Toshiba SD-5970 right after buying my Sony KDF-60XS955...don't waste your money. I've had nothing but problems with it - freezing up, not releasing DVDs, cruddy remote.

I wanted a quality player and due to prior experience with a wonderful Toshiba DVD player (don't remember the number...), I got the SD-5970 with HDMI. Well, WHEN it works, the picture is great; but those times are few and far between.

I've used nothing but pre-recorded discs (no recordables) and have had nothing but trouble with it. Do some Google searches on HDMI DVD and read up on them - the user reviews - before buying any new HDMI DVD players.

Hope that helps :-}


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First decide why you want HDMI capability. If you believe you are going to coax HD quality from standard DVDs, you will be disappointed. Depending on the source material, you will see anywhere from no difference to modest improvement.

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Forgive me for not having the model number with me, but Ultimate Electronics has a HDMI DVD player right now for $149. It is Silver with a SD card slot on the LEFT side, and IIRC it is a Toshiba....

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i understand the Oppo OPDV971H is a really good dvd player. i haven't read a bad report on it yet.

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I have similar question too but have not got answers from someone who have tried it.

A few guys at electronic stores told me I won't be able to get best video quality by playing DVDs from a Progressive scan player to send signals to a HDTV via component cables. What I need is a DVD player with upconversion capability that has to use HDMI connection between the DVD player and HDTV display.

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For a GOOD dvd player under $200 - Denon DVD-555S, for a GOOD DVD player with HDMI - Denon DVD-955S. And watch the guys at the big-name electronics stores, they are quick to make sales not satisfied customers like us. HDMI does allow the greatest amount of signal transfer, so you may see a difference. Hope this has helped you!

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Check your tv set capabilities. If your set supports 1080i then yes, you will see a modest picture improvement. Also, check to see you have an HDMI input on your tv. You may only have a DVI input. The only upgrade that HDMI offers over DVI is that it carries digital sound to your receiver which eliminates the need for extra sound cables. BUT, you will need to purchase 2 HDMI cables. I don't see the real benefit. You can purchase a DVD player with DVI out for less money. I see an upgrade in picture, but it isn't mind blowing. I have a Samsung 850 and it works pretty well. I am going to upgrade to a higher end player once some of the "kinks" are worked out and the technology is a bit more mature. I only paid about $150 for it, but it does not play DVD-A. Like I said, I will probably upgrade next year.

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I just purchased the Bose 3:2:1 GS seriesII DVD system. For my Pioneer 5060 hd, and my pioneer has HMDI 2 connections, should I have brought a different surround system, because the Bose does not have HMDI but awsome sound.

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I bought a new Samsung DLP HL-R4266W HDTV, a few months back. My existing progressive-scan Sony DVD player looked good, but I wanted the best possible picture and decided to buy a DVD player with HDMI up-conversion. So, I bought the Samsung HD850, and a HDMI cable, because it was the same brand as my TV. But, I was not at all impressed with the picture, as it didn't look any better than my non-upconversion Sony, so I returned the HD850 and HDMI cable. Then I found that the Samsung used a 54MHz DAC, where the Sony had a 108MHz DAC. After some research, I bought the $269 Panasonic S97 which has a 216MHz DAC, and includes a free HDMI cable in the box. The picture is INCREDIBLE now, FAR SUPERIOR to the Sony or Samsung. This is the way... I had imagined an upconversion picture would look! Plus... it offers features I've never seen on a DVD player before. Great unit, great price!!!

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bose = PEWP

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i was in tweeter last night and the guy was trying to sell me a 1500dollar denon dvd player but said if i wanted to step down i could get the 600dollar unit. yeah, right.

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