57"hitachi uwx, 57"toshiba h82, or 55"samsung


james d
have my eye on these three hdtv widescreens but not sure which one to go for. hitachi 2499.00, toshiba 2399.00, samsung 2199.00 some one with any knowledge on any of these models please give me some feedback greatly appreciated! thanks

The Toshiba rates the highest of the 3. Looking at them side by side you can see a slight difference. The Toshiba quality is better than the the Hitachi. I owned a 50" Hitachi for 5 yrs and the 2 IC's on the convergence are no good. I'm looking at a $600 bill to repair. Hitachi didn't want to hear a word about it. They said "These things happen". Stay away from Hitachi and the cheap components they put into these expensive tv's. Buy a Toshiba, thats what I'm doing.

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