Orion STV2763 Remote Setup


Hello ... Orion wasn't much help on this so maybe someone out there knows something.

I recently purchased an Orion STV2763 (27" TV). I read in the manual that you can setup your remote to work with your VCR. I have an SV2000 SVB106AT21 VCR. After researching, I discovered it was a Philips offshoot or "value" brand. I tried all of the Philips and Magnavox codes with no luck.

Anyone know a code I could use to gt this to work?


I have a Philips Magnavox (tv,dvd,sat) remote control, but I lost my code book. I have an Orion tv. If anyone can email me the code and instructions I would be very grateful. I have been looking on here for days and found nothing.



You can buy a manual/code book here: http://www.orionsalesinc.com/store/stv2763.html

for 2 dollars and sumthin cents.

We had a power outage lastnight and now today my TV will not turn on. I have an Orion 27" TV, does this TV have a reset button on it? If so where might it be located?
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