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I have recently purchased a widescreen tv but the last 3 movies I have rented in widescreen format still show some black lines on the top and bottom of my screen.What gives?I have rented movies in widescreen that do not have any black lines so I think it must be the movies.Any thoughts?

That's because a widescreen TV is 1.77:1 ratio format and some movies like Lord of the Rings or Starwars(most action and sci-fi films)are filmed with the 2.35:1 format which is a wider shot but may seem smaller with a 1.77:1 screen and you will notice black lines.The black lines you see are normal for films shot in 2.35:1 ratio.Most other films like any HDTV programming, or comedy, animation, and drama films are mostly shot in 1.85:1 or 1.78:1 which would fit your screen completly.

For comparisons of films in widscreen:


Original ratios are the pictures on the right hand side on those pages.The left hand side is that for 4:3 TV's to show how much is cut off.


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