Hitachi 51SWX20B


I am considering purchase of the Hitachi 51SWX20B, and all I hear is rave reviews. This being a HDTV monitor, I have concerns about my investment when signals go digital in the future. Is it best for me to just switch to a digital box with my cable Co.?? Share your thoughts.

Having an HDTV monitor or HDTV-Ready TV is the best way to go.That way you have open options to whichever cable provider and tuner you choose for your HDTV signals.And thus keeps you from spending more on a TV that may have the tuner you are never happy with that was built inside.It is best just to switch to the HDTV box from your cable company if they offer HDTV in your area via cable.

About signals going digital in the future?In most areas they already are digital, and if not they will be by May 2003.


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