Samsung 30" HDtv widescreen


This is on sale at Best Buy. It is perfect to fit into my cabinet in my bedroom. Anyone have any experience with it?

I do. I have the TXM3098WHF which is the same as the TXM3096WHF they are selling at best buy except the 98 has a subwoofer and pic in pic. The HDTV picture is outstanding as is the progressive picture on DVD. To get the most out of this set, get HDTV cable or Sattelite and a progresssive scan DVD. Good value and fantastic picture. On regular analog cable the picture is kind of fuzzy, better on digital cable or sat.

if you watch a movie that has been letterboxed in wide screen mode, does the picture look overly squashed? (extra flat and wide)And are there any quirks with the TV that you have noticed, like messed up coloring in sections or anything else?

There are several modes that can fix squashing/stretching depending on what you are watching (Letterbox, full screen etc..)
There's Wide, Panorama, Zoom 1 & 2. 4/3 modes etc.
Make sure to custom adjust the color intensity, contrast etc. Factory settings over do it.

Fantastic picture quality! The only HDTV sets that I viewed, and thought surpased it's image quality were Sony Plasma TV's- Very expensive.

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