Is the internet a reliable source to purchase a big screen?


The question is what if?? My wife is really scared to purchase anything from the internet. I just found a P Elite PRO520HD for $2999 and I'm really tempted. But there's no service dept., no person to go see, limited warranties, and I can't return it, unless damaged. What would you recommend? The Pionees sounds like an awesome deal, even when I'll starve my wife and me for the next 2 months.

Buy from B&M.

(a brick and mortor store with real help and warranty service)

Ask yourself are you willing to risk that it gets broke during shipping and then you have to wait to return and recieve another all over again.Note that RPTV's to ship take almost 3 to 4 weeks time.If it's broken that's almost 3 months of waiting time just to get what you could have form a B&M store like Best buy, Circuit City, or Sam's Club in a weeks to a few days time with most delivery services(Best Buy and Circuit City) that make sure the TV is up and running before they leave.But if you want the deal bad enough to risk that, then it's all up to you.


I would recomend trying to price match the internet site with Sears. Ive had good luck doing that. That way you get the best price and have a BM store to fall back on if there is a problem.

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