53" PRO520HD Pioneer Elite vs. 51" 51SWX20 B Hitachi


This is a hard decision to make. I'm considering Pioneer's, Hitachi's, & Mitsubishi's. Limit: 53". While many retail salesmen lean towards Mitsu's because of the 3 lenses, another one won't even service it being so hard to get components. I foun a P Elite PRO520HD for $2999 and I'm really considering it, even if I won't eat for the next couple of months. The new Hitachi's are pretty good and reviews are great, too. I need all the feedback I can get. Thanks!!

I would definately go with the Elite. It uses a 4 element lens system with true red and green lenses. And it's stretch modes blow away even the best Mits.'s. I can't speak for the Hitachi, but I sell both the Pioneer Elite PRO520 and the Mits. WS55909, and would take the Pioneer in a heartbeat. Our store has the two literally next to eachother. And I have put them both through rigorous side-by-side testing. The PRO520 won every test. And the only difference in the 520 and current 530 is the lack of DVI on the 520 (we are actually selling the 530 for 2,999 because the ad is still running offering the 520 for that price and they are sold out!!). Not to mention that the Urishi finish is the best looking by far. Go ahead and steal it for 2,999. I won't tell. And if the price seems like too much, just remember that last season it was 4,500.


what is dvi?

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