Need advice on the best 65" Mitsubishi


Based mostly upon Robert's recommendation I have decided to get the Mitshubishi, mostly to watch dvd movies and/or dish network. The basic entry machine is the ws-65311. Is this an ok choice or should I get an upgraded model (don't need a built in tuner as dish network won't support it). Also someone was complaining about the bottom of their screen browning out. Does this seem like something I should really be concerned about or more like a rare event? Also any particular place I should favor in making the purchase re: price and reliability? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

I was also looking at a 65" Mits without a tuner. However, I found the WS65611 (Platinum Plus with Tuner) at HH Gregg for $3599 and could not pass it up.

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