Help needed on choosing 65 inch tv!!


want to buy a 65" rear projection tv. So far I like the Sony KP-65WV600 the Sony KP-65WS500 the
Toshiba TW65X81 and the Mitsubishi Platinum Plus WS-65869. ANY help in choosing between them would be appreciated. So far am leaning toward the Sony models altho I'm still not sure why the sony 600 is more than the 500 and whether or not its worth the difference. PLEASE HELP!!!!

From all of the reviews I have seen and advice on TVs I bought the Mitsu ws65411 this weekend--it will be delivered on 12/12. I will let you know how I like it.

The Mitsu is the best in producing top quality 65" RPTV's.

Sony is at the bottom of my list.


how far away from a 65" tv should you have from the couch to tv

i made the mistake of buying the mitsubishi ws65411,from soundwaves in springfield oh.
the day it was uncrated it began makeing a snapping noise,after a few days it quit but the color palet was all wrong so i had my tech guy
do what he could and it looks a whole bunch better.
but its still not right.
i asked for a refund or exchange and the soundwaves manager refused to do ether.
so i am stuck with this monster.
buy the toshiba.... mutch better build quality.
plus they do 720p with no problem the mits wont,
the salesman at soundwaves told me the mits would upconvert 720p wich was a load of bull.
in closeing i was sick with the flew the day i agreed to buy this thing:to mutch cough serup..

Ross McPhee
I have purchased the Sony KDP-65WS550. It was very impressive in playing DVD movies. The pictures were 3-D like but the biggest disappointment came in when I played regular satellite cable. This TV showed grain that were not there with my 50" sony television. It is not very realistic at all and actually fatiguing to look at. Needless to say, I returned it at Sears, it is a good thing that Sears have a return and exchange policy so I traded it to the Sony #KP-65WV600. I am suppose to receive the Sony KP65WV600 tomorrow for substitute. Maybe I am still learning about HDTV monitors so I will keep everyone updated with my dilemma and craziness. If this second Sony does not work out for me the Hitachi are the second choice for me. I have many sonys in the past and have been happy but this recent purchase is making me rethink my decision. I guess there are advantages in buying locally, you can exchange and actually try out the unit in your own home. Of course, it is a pain in moving these big boxes.

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